Continental bed Smart

Continental bed SmartContinental bed SmartContinental bed SmartContinental bed Smart
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"Continental" upholstered bed is a great choice for a classic value and high quality lovers.

The base of the bed is built-in dual-layer spring assemblies, complete with solid wood frame, will give you an excellent bed stability and long eksplotācijas time.

Beds composition:
* Wooden frame with built-in spring block

* Pocket spring block with ortopedic foam

* 8cm ortopedic foam pad

* Mattress support slats

* Built-in washing box

*bed height 57cm

Beds iespejama assemblies with different types of styles Headboard here.

Available in different types of fabric variations as well as eco leather (communicating with the consultant).

Beds are made to order, production time is 20 days.

"Continental" tapsētā gulta ir lieliska izvēle klasisku vērtību un augstas kvalitātes cienītājiem.

Gultas pamatnē ir iebūvēti divkāršu atsperu slāņu bloki, kas komplektā ar masīvkoka rāmi, sniegs Jums lielisku gultas stabilitāti un ilgu eksplotācijas laiku.

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