Pay with KLIX

Now offers the possibility to pay faster and more conveniently by paying with Klix.

Klix Payment methods

With us, you can use a newer and safer payment method for settlements – Klix. This solution for settlements was developed by Citadele bank and it safeguards your data and money. Klix allows you to pay with a card, make a direct bank payment from the bank account and pay in instalments by formalising an online payment. It is a safer functionality that does not transfer the data of the payer to the merchant.

Klix Pay by Card is an option to pay with VISA and Mastercard cards. When paying for the first time, the payment form gives the customer an opportunity to save card data on the Klix app. If you agree to save the card data, future payments with Klix on any site will be faster because the card data field will be automatically filled. Klix card settlement system conforms to the provisions of the relevant data security standard PCI DSS.

Klix Bank Payments from your bank account. It is a fast and safe payment method allowing you to pay for the purchase online. To make a payment, choose your bank, log in and confirm the payment. Klix is a safe payment initiator, which provides the service in accordance with the European Union directive Payment services (PSD 1) - Directive 2007/64/EC.

Klix Pay Later allows the customers of the physical or online shop to make a purchase today but pay for it later.